Premium Home Kerosene

Here at ATF, we are all about competitive pricing and cost savings for our customers. Every little helps, as they say.

We are passionate to find ways to achieve this and will always try to be innovative with our ideas and products.

Premium Kerosene has been available at ATF since Autumn 2018, and these are the key benefits for long term savings

–   Cleans dirty boilers, fuel systems and storage tanks
–   Will keep “existing clean” systems clean and provide protection
–   Avoids problems that regularly occur with boilers
–   Utilising special components that helps avoid fuel degradation

How does it work?

Premium Kerosene is our standard Kerosene just with an additive. The additive is placed in the tank along with the fuel deliveries. It chemically inhibits the formation of deposits and fuel ageing (oxidation) under a high temperature or long term storage conditions.

Most heating systems and tanks will present one of the below problems and this is how Premium Kerosene can help.

Is your boiler not working to optimum level? Over time there could be deposit build up. Premium Kerosene can help reduce this problem, which will subsequently reduce faults and engineer calls out and if this is regular occurrence can prove expensive. An average call out is £40.

Will Heating System fail? Again, Premium Kerosene improves efficiency, therefore giving you a greater reliability, providing optimum burner performance and also inhibiting corrosion.

Are you having a new tank or boiler installed?  Premium Kerosene will reduce the build-up of sludge and sooty deposits and assist in keeping the integrity of the tanks and also maintain the boiler. Give your boiler and tank some TLC as they are expensive to install and repair and by taking Premium Kerosene can be the longer term, preventive solution.

Will there still be sludge? Sludge occurs in tanks due to the build-up of sulphur in the Kerosene. Premium Kerosene reduces and breaks down the build-up of sludge. Sludge is one of the main causes of boiler issues, so by clearing this you will also reduce the likelihood of maintenance calls outs. Premium Kerosene will keep the system clean in the tank and stop any build of sludge forming. Filters and nozzles will not become as clogged in the boiler or pipelines. It is a cleaner fuel which means a reduction in sooting up and carbon build up.

Is Premium Kerosene environmentally friendlier than standard Kreosene? Yes, Premium Kerosene lowers CO2 and carbon emissions. Giving a greener, cleaner burn.

Do you have an Aga or Rayburn? If you do, then Premium Kerosene is the go to product as it lowers the chance of fuel solidifying (sludge), again enhancing the overall system. Agas are typically in constant use. Premium Kerosene will keep the contents cleaner and help your Aga burn more efficiently. Ideally it would be beneficial to reduce the risk of any costly issues arising that could be prevented and therefore stop your Aga being switched off at any point,

Does it burn longer? Premium Kerosene has a greater burn efficiency and can last up to 10% longer than standard Kerosene. A standard Kerosene delivery of 1000 litres, 3 times a year = 3000 litres per annum. Premium Kerosene would give you an extra 300 litres, saving you approximately £165.00* over the year.

How much will this cost me?

The price difference between our standard Kerosene and our Premium Kerosene is an additional 2ppl. Therefore a 900 litre delivery will cost you on average £18 extra.

We believe the benefits out way the costs by, reducing your engineer call outs, maintenance and giving long term integrity of your tank.

The Premium Kerosene has up to 10% additional burn efficiency and an average tank will therefore give you the equivalent of 45-90 litres extra.

Over a year the average household will take 1800 litres per annum, this would equate to 90-180 litres in extra burn efficiency.

For example; 0.50ppl x 180 litres = £90.00 per year for a small payment of £36.00 (based on 2 x 900 litre deliveries).

 *Using home heating oil price from 18 January, 2019.

How do I cancel an account held elsewhere?

Depending on what type of customer you are, we have produced an easy-step guide to help you close down an existing account with your current supplier, should you wish to move to ATF Fuels. It’s easy as 1,2,3…!

‘Spot Customers’

If you order your fuel and pay for it when you receive your invoice – the process couldn’t be simpler. Just pick up the phone to ATF Fuels and we will be happy to arrange a delivery to you.

‘Top-up Customers’

Simply contact your existing supplier with your account number and/or details and cancel your current top-up service. If you can establish your previous delivery history, that would help us set up a new top-up service from ourselves – but don’t worry, if not, we will check your tank to begin with, and keep you topped up until we gain a better understanding of your delivery requirements!

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